The Financial Literacy & Investment Games activity with the theme "Knowing Investment World From Now On" was held offline on 2 March 2024 at the University of Indonesia Campus, Depok. Through a collaboration between Karya Salemba Empat ("KSE") and PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia ("UBS"), it aims to provide knowledge to students regarding financial literacy and investment from an early age. The event was attended by more than 110 students from more than 4 KSE Partner Universities in Jabodetabek as well as students from Politeknik Negri Jakarta.

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The series of activities began with the opening by the Master of Ceremony ("MC"), then continued with singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and Mars KSE. The activity then continued with the presentation of Community Development UBS Sekuritas Indonesia by Lintang Shafa Mazaya as the Chairperson of the KSE UI Association. In order to open a series of Financial Literacy activities, remarks were also delivered by Mr Achmad Solechan S.Si. M.Si as the sub-directorate of student welfare at the University of Indonesia. He welcomed the holding of Financial Literacy activities at the University of Indonesia. He also talked about the cooperation between Karya Salemba Empat ("KSE") and Universitas Indonesia for many years. It is hoped that this good relationship can continue.

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The next speech was given by Ms Risa E. Rustam, Director of Finance, Human Resources and General Affairs of PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (IDX), as well as Mr Andre Tjahjamuljo as country operating officer of PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia and Ms Yasmine Nasution as Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat. Then continued with remarks from Mrs Firda Yosefa as head of collaboration of PT BNI Sekuritas Indonesia. After the speeches were delivered, a representative from KSE, Mrs Yasmine Nasution, gave souvenirs as a token of gratitude and appreciation to the donors.

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The activity continued with a presentation and question and answer session from the Indonesia Stock Exchange on "Introduction to Capital Market" presented by Mr Hendra Pamungkas Jovianto as Market Development Division of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The presentation attempted to explain to the participants about the various types of investments available. Participants were also invited to find out the ease of making an investment. It was explained that investing today is as easy as doing online shopping. Now, everyone can start investing, even from a small amount of money.

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The next material on "Introduction to BIONS" was delivered by Mr Diky Afrian - Partnership & Collaboration Team PT BNI Sekuritas. Before the presentation began, participants were asked to register for the BIONS application. Then he explained to the participants about BIONS which is a retail investment product application owned by PT BNI Sekuritas. In addition to introducing the BIONS application, participants were also explained about various types of investment.

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Furthermore, UBS Sekuritas Indonesia invited all participants to take part in the "Investment Games" activity. This activity was guided by Mrs Marissa Putri - Research Analyst PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia and the team. This activity is a simulation of investment in the capital market. It aims to show the ease of investment and how to make the right investment. This activity was carried out in groups. Participants who were divided into several groups were then given virtual capital of Rp100,000,000 or one hundred million rupiah. The simulation was then divided into five rounds, starting from 1998 to 2020. Before starting to invest, the situation and conditions in Indonesia during those years were explained. After that, each

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groups will be asked to invest in the areas of consumption, finance, property, infrastructure and mining. Each group is free to choose the amount of investment they wish to provide in each field, as long as the percentage does not exceed 100 percent. Finally, after going through five rounds, the three groups with the most profits from investment will receive mutual fund prizes.

For First Place, the prize won is IDR 1,000,000 or one million rupiah. Second and third place winners will receive a prize of IDR 500,000 or five hundred thousand rupiah.

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The next activity was a presentation and question and answer regarding "Career in Capital Market" with the speaker being PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia. This explanation of careers in the investment world explains each existing division. This is then followed by an explanation of the work carried out by each division. All the speakers also talked about how they started working in the investment world and their experiences while working. During the question and answer session, it was also explained about how to work in the investment world. It was also explained about the breadth of job opportunities in the world of investment considering that various majors can be involved in the world of investment. This does not rule out the possibility for all groups to study and ultimately have a career in this world. At the end of the event, the Financial Literacy activity closed with a closing session and group photo guided by the MC. It is hoped that this event will strengthen collaboration between the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation, PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia and the University of Indonesia. Apart from that, the participants also gained insight into the world of investment and instruments in the investment sector and realized that investing in the capital market is very easy and has measurable and predictable benefits or risks.

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