This program aims to create future leaders who have a strong character in their field. This program is expected to produce graduates who have integrity, national insight, love for the country and nation. Selected students will follow continuous and tiered training with a balanced teaching method between theory and practice. With a tiered system (students are entitled to follow further training provided they pass the selection) is expected to create a spirit of competition among students.

Training Stages:
Phase I "Expection", training aimed at recognizing the basics of leadership. The training materials include;

  1. Work Ethic which contains; ways to recognize and affirm one's strengths.
  2. Professionalism which contains how to introduce ways to promote personal strengths.
  3. Networking which contains; how to build togetherness, intimacy and cohesiveness among fellow participants.

Phase II "Exploration", training aimed at exploring leadership potential. The training materials include;

  1. Personal Exploration which contains; exploring one's potential as a leader and empowering oneself as a source of motivation.
  2. Time Management which contains; discipline training through activities with strict schedules and limited implementation time.
  3. Patriotism which contains; ways to build a sense of love and care for the future of the nation.

Phase III "Experience", training aimed at learning from each problem.
The training materials include;

  1. Diversity Awareness which contains; ways to eliminate limiting thoughts and fear of failure with the support of the surrounding environment, and build motivation to get out of comfortable areas to areas that have more potential.
  2. Critical Thinking which contains; ways to train creative thinking, precise in analyzing problems, fast in making decisions, and have an effective mentality and mindset.
  3. Group Dynamics and Communication which contains; ways to solve problems through problem identification, idea generation and problem solving planning in a group.
  4. Project Planning and Action which contains the application of identification and problem solving in the field (surrounding community).

Phase IV "Example", training aimed at learning aspects of organizational culture. The training materials include;

  1. Advance Development which contains; ways to delegate tasks, conduct monitoring and evaluation, and communicate within the organization.
  2. Apprentice, which contains things that need to be prepared to enter the world of work such as; making a CV, facing interviews, and professional ethics.

Stage V "Expertise", training aimed at applying knowledge and experience on the job. The training material involves Job Training which contains provision for the world of work through practical work and internships.