PT PLN (Persero) and the Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil Dardak, inaugurated the community development program at the Keputih Subdistrict office in Surabaya, Saturday (3/6/2023). This is done as a form of social and environmental responsibility as well as a commitment to achieving sustainable development through quality education.

This program, which has the jargon 'Real Work for the Nation', is an initiative of students receiving the Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) scholarship which is fully supported by PLN.

"This program involving the KSE scholarship student association from ITS and UNAIR is a forum to increase the role of students not only in pursuing formal education, but also implementing it in the community so that they can provide more benefits to the community," said Dadang Hardiana, Senior Manager of Finance PLN UID East Java.

He said this activity was important in expanding the benefits of PLN's presence for the community through Community Development activities.

"I see that several programs have been born as a tangible manifestation of community development activities built by the KSE ITS and Unair scholarship associations, especially in Keputih Village. Such as the hydroponic program, cultivation of toga and moringa plants, making innovative monitoring tools for lobster farming and others," explained Dadang.

He also added that the program, which has been going on since 2020, not only provides entrepreneurial experience for students but also creates economic opportunities for the community.

There are several programs that were inaugurated, including hydroponics, cultivation of toga and moringa plants, making innovative monitoring tools for lobster cultivation and whipped avocado drink products (MASPOKAT).

Besides Surabaya, there are Crispy Mushroom and D'Java & My Potty programs initiated by scholarship students in Malang.

Wagub Jatim Emil Elestianto Dardak di sela menghadiri peresmian Comdev bersama penerima beasiswa KSE dan PT. PLN di gedung Kelurahan Keputih Sukolilo, Surabaya.

The Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil Dardak, who was also present, expressed his appreciation for the collaboration between PLN, KSE, universities and the community to realize the quality growth of human resources.

"What is good about this program is the real work in the community, collaboration with the Keputih community. Hopefully, fellow scholarship recipients will be more motivated. KSE colleagues can guide students towards a better future generation," said Emil.

PLN has previously provided scholarships to 120 outstanding students from 21 state universities from Aceh to Papua, with 18 of them in East Java spread across three universities, namely ITS, Unair, and Brawijaya University.



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