As part of the implementation of the KSE values of Sharing, Networking and Developing, KSE provides online coaching to the leaders of the association, namely the chairman and vice-chairman, in the form of a coaching programme with professional trainers. The programme has been completed four times, namely the first coaching on 13 February 2022, the second coaching on 20 February 2022, the third coaching on 12 March 2022, and the fourth or final coaching on 19 March 2022. This activity was attended by the chairpersons and vice chairpersons of 35 KSE Associations throughout the archipelago with a total of 70 participants consisting of 31 women and 39 men. The purpose of this activity was to encourage KSE Paguyuban leaders to be more courageous in expressing ideas, to be responsible, to be ready to "put their bodies on the line", to be able to motivate others, to be solution-oriented, and to develop the ability to influence their colleagues in the organisation.


The main trainer in this Coaching activity is Rima Olivia, LCPC who is accompanied by 10 Coaches, namely Wiwik Erly, PCC, Maria Qibtiyah, ACC, Ihsan Obi, LCPC, Reni Dwi Wahyuni, CEC, Ivandhana, LCPC, Dian Puty Oscarini, LCPC, Brian Marwensdy, LCPC, Dr Maria Eko, LCPC, Sylvina Savitri, LCPC & Dietra Anandani, CPC. Tenth Coaches. Similar to the Coaches, the participants or Coachees were also divided into 10 groups with the same material. The Coaching material provided is related to improving the quality of the leaders and the association they lead, including discussing habits (habbits), problems or challenges faced, and action plans for resolution.


In each session, the Coachees were always given the opportunity to express their ideas, ask questions, or share the results of discussions with their groups which were then responded to by other Coachees.

In the last session, the Coach from each group explained that the Coachees had shown positive developments that were in line with the objectives of this Coaching activity itself. The Coaches hope that this will continue to develop and become a positive habit of the Coachees so that it can improve their quality and can be transmitted to the members of the association that they lead.



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