The activity organised by PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia (UBSSI) & PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia together with Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat was held on Saturday, 26 March 2022 through the Zoom Meeting Platform at 09.00-13.00 WIB. Participants were KSE scholarship students from 4 state universities in Indonesia, namely, ITB, UNS, UNSRAT and USU. Participants who attended totalled 45 students. This activity began with the opening by the MC, followed by the playing of the Indonesia Raya song and KSE Mars, then continued with remarks from Kennyarso F. Soejatman as the secretary of the KSE Foundation.


Furthermore, the MC, Ni Wayan Lilik Eka Putri, opened the event, then began with an explanation of the Capital Market material delivered by Andre Tjahjamuljo as Country Operating Officer of PT UBSSI. Before starting the material Andre Tjahjamuljo started with a video about the Importance of Investing. In this material, Andre explained about the capital market which is a meeting place for parties who need funds (securities issuers / issuers) with parties who need investment facilities (investors) in financial products (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.). Furthermore, Andre explained the importance of investment and the origin of the benefits of investment, namely because of inflation. Inflation is a process of increasing prices in general and continuously (continue) or in other words is a process of decreasing the value of money continuously. To start investing an investor must know his own risk profile. And of course the money used for investment is not money for basic needs. One way to invest is with shares, because shares are proof of ownership of a company (company) which is a claim on the income and wealth of the company. In this first material, the definition and basic knowledge of investment and capital markets are explained. Before investing in stocks, an investor needs to know about the outline and procedures for investing as well as studying and analysing the profile of the company itself. So that the investor can estimate the risk when investing with the company.

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After the first material, participants took part in Investment Games with the concept of investment simulation where all participants simulate investment with virtual money capital of 100 million, participants are free to choose which sector they will choose to invest in and how much percentage of their investment in that sector but the amount must be 100%. Some of the available sectors include Financial, Consumer, Mining, Infrastructure, and Property. Investments made are divided into 4 phases according to the economic conditions that occur in that phase. The economic conditions used are from 2009-2020 and divided into 4 phases. Investment Games invites participants to allocate investment funds by looking at the conditions of Indonesia's GDP, Interest Rates, Coal, Fuel Price, and Electronic so that it is illustrated what to do when investing and which sectors are profitable if economic conditions are as described in the material. In this material, it is intended that participants can easily understand how to invest, find solutions when finding problems in investment, and educate about the risks and benefits of investment.

​​​​​The next material was delivered by Christy Maryani as Financial Expert PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia with the title "How to Easily Become an Investor & Tips on Choosing the Right Investment Instrument". In this material, it is explained about several instruments in investment such as stocks, stock mutual funds, bonds, savings, time deposits and others. Choosing an instrument for investment must adhere to the principle of risk profile. In investment, the terms high risk high return, low risk low return are known. In this material, participants were also taught about how easy it is to start investing because the digital era allows potential investors to register online without the need to go to a branch office.

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he next event was the most awaited event by the students, which was a giveaway using Kahoot hosted by Jeaneta from PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia. there were three winners of the giveaway, namely 1st place: Tangguh H. Saputra - UNSRAT, 2nd place: Lilik Eka Putri - UNUD, and 3rd place: Dian Anggrahini - ITB.

The last session was material about a career in the capital market delivered by Joshua Tanja as Managing Director and Country Head of PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia who gave an overview of a career in the capital market world and an overview of each division. There are many positions needed in this industry, one of which is dealer/trader, sales, research analyst, legal and compliance and others. Achieving this career requires a variety of different licences/skills according to the intended position. A career in the capital market can be done by everyone from various scientific backgrounds as long as they have an interest, a high willingness to learn and basic knowledge about the world of capital markets.


After the material session was over, the next was the question and answer session. In this question and answer session, there were three participants who asked questions, namely Yudi Setiawan from UNS, Tangguh from UNSRAT, and the last question from Lilik Eka Putri as MC about tips for students to start investing and about the potential of beginners in long-term investing in the capital market. Participants also asked about a career in the capital market and the qualifications and competencies that must be prepared for those who do not have a business background. Then there were also participants who asked about fraudulent investments that are currently trending in Indonesia. The event was closed with a summary of the event by the MC and participants filled in the evaluation link.

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