SERANG – Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) together with Beswan Untirta held a face to face activity for PT Samuel Aset Management Scholarship Recipients in the form of a talk show entitled "Young Generation Cares about Food Security" on Saturday (25/2/2023) in the Ballroom of the Le Semar Hotel, Serang City

The talk show was attended by 120 student representatives who received KSE Scholarships from all over Indonesia and Untirta. This activity featured three resource persons, namely Intansyah Ichsan, Adrian Karim Yanuar, and Yasmine Nasution who came from the scope of economic practitioners and academics.

Intan Syah Ichsan, Chief Operating Officer of PT Samuel Asset Management said that the country faces challenges in achieving optimal food security.
“Food security is the country's ability to provide food. "The challenge is that the supply chain is not simple," he explained.

He hopes that Indonesia, which has the right climate and geographical conditions, will be able to deal with it. "Because there are some foods that are unaffordable or also expensive," said Ichsan.

Meanwhile, Adrian Karim Yanuar as Investment Analyst & ESG Specialist explained that the key to food security is access because nutritious and balanced food must be accessible to the general public.

He also explained that food security and the agricultural sector provide three major effects for the country, including good community survival, good economic continuity, and an important pillar for the country of independence in food management which can build financial resilience.

In contrast to other practitioner speakers, Yasmine Nasution, who works as a teaching staff at the University of Indonesia and is also active in the field of consultation, training and assessment at the Management Institute, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, said that food security is one of the state's ways of guaranteeing the availability of food for the community. does not depend on imports from other countries.

"Food security (is) how the state guarantees the public's food availability, not only fulfilling food supplies but also food independence, ensuring that food supplies stand alone and do not depend on imports from other countries," said Yasmine.

This activity closed with words of motivation from all the speakers with the expression that everyone has room to continue to progress and food security provides great opportunities for all of us.

“Therefore, we can do many things to advance the agricultural and economic sectors. "So don't fight it but take (the opportunity) together," said Ichsan.

For information, the Face-to-Face Talkshow for PT Samuel Aset Management Scholarship Recipients is part of a series of Technology for Indonesia (TFI) Camp events organized by the KSE Association to find appropriate technology that can be applied for the benefit of society.

A number of technologies were created by KSE students, including automatic rice planting equipment, rice threshing machines, autopilot tractors, hydram pumps, automatic irrigation systems and pest devices, rice dryers, handy paddy doctors, rice husk fertilizer, superior rice seeds, fertilizers liquid organics, and pyrolysis. It is hoped that all of this technology will be able to help society in advancing the agricultural sector

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