The Karya Salemba Empat Foundation (KSE) is again holding online seminar activities which will be held via zoom meeting. This time KSE together with the Northstar Bhakti Persada Foundation held a seminar entitled "Start Up Business". This activity will be held on Wednesday, June 14 2023 at 14.00 – 16.30 WIB. This activity was attended by 168 KSE scholarship recipient students from 35 KSE partner State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia. 18 of them are scholarship recipients from the Northstar Bhakti Persada Foundation.


Welcome remarks were delivered by Hengky Poerwowidagdo as Secretary I and Chief Operating Officer and Rani Sofjan – Managing Director and Co-Chair of Northstar Impact Northstar Bhakti Persada Foundation.

The event then continued with a presentation on the progress of community development supported by the Northstar Bhakti Persada Foundation by the KSE Association of the University of Indonesia (UI) by Faris Hassan Aly Firman as Chair of the KSE Association of the University of Indonesia (UI).


After the presentation on community development, the next event was a symbol of handing over the scholarship program by the Northstar Bhakti Persada Foundation, represented by Mrs. Rani Sofjan as Managing Director and Co-Chair of Northstar Impact, to representatives of scholarship recipients, namely Philips Hakim from Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University.


Delivery of Introduction to Northstar Group material by Verdyka Kurniawan as Vice President Operations at Northstar Group. In his material, he explained a brief profile of the Northstar Group.


The presentation about Northstar Impact was delivered by Rani Sofjan. The purpose of establishing the Northstar Bhakti Persada Foundation was to provide feedback on social aspects for the Indonesian nation. Northstar Impact itself has 3 main pillars, namely volunteering, philanthropy and impact investing.


The Introduction to Northstar Venture material was delivered by Melvin Hade as Managing Director Venture at Northstar Group. Northstar as venture capital is a company that manages funds from limited partners or people who want to invest their funds in order to get a return on the capital provided.

The activity continued with a sharing session with Nyoman Anjani as CEO and Co-Founder of Gently. And guided by Tasya Salensia from Northstar Group.


Nyoman Anjani inspired students on how to fight for the dreams we want. How to recover from adversity, and what must be prepared to be able to establish a start-up company that gets funding from capital ventures, such as Northstar, for example.


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