Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat ("KSE") together with one of the donors, PT Bank BNP Paribas Indonesia ("BNPPI") carried out the "Financial Literacy for Kids & Inauguration of Community Development Bank Sampah SD" activity. This activity was held on 02 March 2024 at SDN 02 Cinangka, Depok. The Community Development Bank Sampah SD programme is run directly by the KSE UIN Jakarta Scholarship Recipients Association. This activity was attended by approximately 100 students of SDN 02 Cinangka consisting of classes 5A, 5B and 5C. The series of activities today is a form of continuation of the socialisation of waste management that has previously been carried out by the KSE UIN Jakarta Scholarship Recipients.

The event began with the opening by the MC and the screening of a video about the activities of KSE UIN Jakarta as well as the socialisation activities that had taken place before this inauguration event. On this occasion also gave speeches from several representatives, namely:

1.     Hengky Poerwowidagdo – Chief Operating Officer Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat

2.    Saskia Agil Balfas – Head of HR Manager PT Bank BNP Paribas Indonesia

3.     Mulyati – Principal SDN 02 Cinangka

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Ibu Mulyati, the school principal, expressed her deepest gratitude for the impact of this activity on her students, as they care more about the environment and have begun to form a mindset regarding waste that can be processed into something useful and make money, as well as the school's image which is helped to be known by many parties. KSE and BNPPI also expressed their gratitude for the willingness of the elementary school to accept this programme collaboration and hope that in the future the programme can run smoothly and have an even greater impact.

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The material related to Financial Literacy for Kids was delivered by Mrs Efi Novitaningrum to the students of SDN 02 Cinangka who attended the activity, the enthusiasm of the students to listen to the material was very high, especially when there was an impromptu quiz with door prize snacks given by the speaker. With this material, the biggest hope is that students can understand how to manage finances in a simple way and including how to earn money, one of which is by utilising waste into valuable items.

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After the presentation of the material, there was a symbolic ribbon cutting which was directly represented by Mrs Mulyati, Mr Hengky and Mrs Saskia. After that, it was continued with the handover of the giving board as a sign of inauguration and the handover of souvenirs from various parties to SDN 02 Cinangka.

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In this series of activities, there is also a competition to make ecobricks that are transformed into tables and chairs that will later be placed in the Ecobrick reading park of SDN 02 Cinangka. The students were divided into 6 groups, accompanied by the PIC of the UIN Jakarta KSE student body. The ecobricking was started during socialisation by the KSE UIN Jakarta staff at SDN 02 Cinangka and continued with finishing when the activity was inaugurated today. Not only making tables and chairs, the students have also brought their own piggy banks from used bottles decorated according to their own creations. Approximately 45 minutes of the competition, followed by judging conducted by the school and BNPPI. Not only judging, on this occasion the donors also purchased ecobricks that had been collected by the children, this was done so that the children continued to have the enthusiasm to protect the environment by not littering, and certainly had savings. The event concluded with the announcement of the winners for each group and a group photo.

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