Located in Nusantara Room, Agrokompleks Building, Udayana University, Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat ("KSE") conducted coaching activities for scholarship recipients. This activity was attended by approximately 100 students from KSE UNUD, KSE ITS, KSE UNAIR, KSE UB and KSE UNDANA. This activity took place for two consecutive days on January 10-11, 2024.


This activity was opened with a presentation of material related to KSE by Mr. Hengky Poerwowidagdo as Chief Operating Officer of KSE. This material about KSE was delivered as a provision for the coaching participants to get to know more about how KSE works and what values can be obtained by becoming a beswan. Not only discussing the value of KSE, but on this coaching occasion the participants were also taught to pay more attention to the socialization of the opening of beswan to prospective new applicants so that the number of applicants would increase in the 24/25 period later, in this regard the participants were provided with material on the implementation timeline to the new procedure for the KSE scholarship selection process which involved the association so that the participation of the association this time was very important in this selection process. Various forms of promotion can also be done to attract students to apply for KSE scholarships, one of which is promotion through social media such as creating content on the TikTok application or Instagram. At the end of the session, participants were tasked with creating a video or content related to socialization, and will receive a prize for the most interesting content.


On the next day, the focus of the coaching was to discuss the programs owned and run by each association, ranging from internal programs to community development programs. Each association was given a briefing on how to run a good program so that it has a considerable impact. Followed by each association discussing what programs will be run for various purposes, both the purpose of cohesiveness to programs that intersect directly with the community such as social activities and community development. After that, the participants presented the results of the discussion between paguyuban related to the program that will be proposed.


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