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Karya Salemba Empat Foundation ("KSE") together with one of the donors, PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia, held quite fun activities in the form of river clean ups and ecobrick competitions on September 30 2023. This activity was carried out in the Lake Situ Gede tourist area, Bogor by collaborating with participants, namely students in grades 4-5 of SDN 2 Situgede, Bogor, a total of 39 students participated. This activity began with an opening by the MC as well as a welcome for the participants who had come. In this series of opening events there were remarks delivered by each representative, namely KSE by Mr. Kennyarso F as Secretary II of KSE, then Mr. Joshua Tanja as Main Director of PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia, Mrs. Ranti Wiliasih as Mentor of IPB Scholarship Recipients, and Mr. Robby as teacher representatives from SDN 2 Situ Gede. All parties said they were very happy with holding an activity like this, namely educating students to protect the environment by throwing rubbish in the right place. They both hoped that in the future this activity would have a positive impact on changing the behavior of all participants involved. Not only that, in this session there was also a presentation of souvenirs as mementos from UBS to SDN 2 Situ Gede and also to IPB.

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After the welcoming session and handing over of souvenirs was completed, the MC continued with group division as well as a briefing regarding each group's travel route. The participants were divided into 8 groups, where in one group there were representatives from UBS, elementary school children, and also KSE IPB students. Each group was given 2 sacks to collect the rubbish they got along their route, one sack for rubbish that couldn't be processed and 2 sacks for rubbish that could be processed, such as plastic bottles. The participants were quite enthusiastic about looking for and collecting rubbish because at the end of the journey or route, the rubbish collected would be weighed and recorded as savings for elementary school children. After completing the journey according to each route, the waste that had been collected was weighed at the points provided, the total waste collected that morning was around 93.49 kg. In this session, games were also held regarding elementary school children's knowledge regarding waste, and those who answered successfully would receive prizes from the committee.

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Finished with clean-up activities around Lake Situ Gede, the event continued with an ecobrick competition, namely making trash cans from used plastic bottles. The eight groups were given around 40 minutes to create their work. And their work will be assessed by a jury which on this occasion is represented by teachers from SDN 2 Situ Gede.

The participants, especially elementary school children, were very enthusiastic about carrying out this competition because there were prizes to be won and also their first experience of making something from used plastic bottles or bottle waste.

In this competition there were 3 winners, the same thing is the case, the group that managed to get the heaviest trash also got a prize. The participants were excited when one by one the champions were named. Participants received prizes and trophies as a form of appreciation. And in turn, representatives from UBS gave prizes to the winners.

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The event was closed with the symbolization of waste bank savings books which would be given to elementary school children for the sustainability of the program. There was a handover of savings books from KSE IPB to representatives of SDN 2 Situ Gede Teachers who would later help in the process of weighing the waste collected by the students. the elementary school.

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