Karya Salemba Empat Foundation held a National Seminar with the theme "Inspiration for a Brighter Future" which was held at the Nano Building - Airlangga University, Surabaya. The series of materials presented in this activity were the Talkshow "The Power of Communication, Inspiration & Career Journey" by Mirza Adityaswara and Sofyan Djalil, "Multi-Brand Concept in F&B Business" by Abraham Viktor, "Renewable Energy & a Career in the Energy Field" by Dessi Yuliana & Labitta Tsuraya Widagdo, “Gift of Time” by Satriadi Indarmawan, “Indonesia Sovereign Wealth Fund” by Cyril Noerhadi and “Product Management” by Firdila Sari. This activity was held on 11-12 May 2024 and was attended by 264 students receiving KSE scholarships from Airlangga University, Sepuluh November Institute of Technology, Brawijaya University and general students.


This National Seminar activity is also one of a series of closing Entrepreneur Academy activities and the opening of Technology for Indonesia 2024 activities. On this occasion, in front of the speakers and participants of the national seminar activities, one of the representatives from the Entrepreneur Academy and Technology for Indonesia teams delivered a short presentation regarding ongoing programs, starting from history to what businesses or innovations are currently being developed by them.


Speeches were also delivered by several parties, including Mr. Ahmad Solihin as deputy executive chairman of the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation and also Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak. as Chancellor of Airlangga University. Both of them expressed their gratitude for the collaboration that has existed so far, between KSE and Airlangga University. In the future, hopefully there will be more development programs that can be put to good use by KSE scholarship recipient students so that the shared dream of creating graduates who are integrated and have expertise in various fields can be realized.


Furthermore, Mr. Mirza Adityaswara as chairman of the KSE advisory board also had the opportunity to give awards to the community that sent the most delegates to the 2024 Entrepreneur Academy and Technology for Indonesia activities. The KSE Association of Andalas University is the association with the most participants who took part or sent delegates to the Entrepreneur Academy program and the KSE Association of Medan State University is the university with the most delegates to the Technology for Indonesia program.


Today there are 3 material sessions that will be delivered by resource persons, the first session is a Talkshow with the theme "The Power of Communication and Inspiration & Career Journey" by Mirza Adityaswara - Deputy Chair of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority & Chair of the KSE Board of Trustees and Sofyan Djalil - Commissioner of PT AKR Corporindo and Former Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs 2014-2019. This talk show was led by Inyatulloh as an alumni of KSE ITS and also the KSE Management Board.

Mr Mirza explained the importance of communication. His role is not just as a messenger but is very complex. In the world of work, communication is really needed by teams to produce the best achievements. Communication techniques should also be learned and practiced by everyone because the benefits are enormous. After Mr. Mirza delivered a little material about the power of communication, it was continued with a talk show with Mr. Sofyan Djalil. The two of them shared their various life experiences, from the ups and downs in their careers to the keys to their success in continuing to live a decent life. They conveyed their inspiration and motivation to the participants so that the participants would know that nothing in this world is instantaneous, it must require hard work and struggle. The enthusiasm of the participants was also very high, they asked the two presenters question after question.


The next material was delivered by Abraham Viktor – CEO of Hangry. He delivered material on "Multi-Brand Concept in F&B Business". This business owner of various food brands explained in detail how to strategy his business, especially in the F&B sector. In running this business, he uses a multi-brand strategy where one kitchen has many brands so that this can minimize operational costs. This can be followed by fellow students who are really interested in the world of F&B. However, he also said that in running a business there are bound to be obstacles and obstacles encountered, and that is very normal. The most important thing is that as a businessman, you must have a business mindset so that when something undesirable happens, it can be resolved with the strategies implemented.


In the final session on the first day of the National Seminar, it was continued with the presentation of material in the form of a talk show together with Dessi Yuliana – Chief Operating Officer Carbon X investments PTE.LTD and Labitta Tsuraya Widagdo – Corporate Secretary Staff PT pertamina New & Renewable Energy. Both of them conveyed regarding renewable energy, Mrs. Dessi said that carbon financing is carbon grading which has a value determined by the government (carbon tax) / market. In short, financing for carbon production (/ton). The parties that play a role in carbon trading are exchanges (certifications are traded like shares), buyer companies. Apart from that, Labitta Tsuraya also conveyed things related to a career in a company operating in the energy sector. He conveyed how everything we do, such as organizational experience, competition experience, etc., plays an important role in determining our future careers. There are many things we can do to show that we have appropriate value in a company. He also advised that when we have an opportunity to show our talents or abilities then make greater efforts to show this.


The National Seminar activities will continue on the second day, on Sunday, May 12 2024. There will also be several materials presented by several presenters this morning. Among other things, the first material was regarding the Time Award by Mr. Satriadi Indarmawan as Pressident Commissioner of PT Rajawali Nusindo & Chairman of the KSE Supervisory Board. He was guided by Sisca, one of the KSE UNAND alumni. Mr. Satriadi conveyed to the participants that we should be grateful for the time we have, everyone has the same time, namely 24 hours, therefore the difference is how we make good use of that time. In between these explanations, he also told how powerful his experience was in using his time, starting from recovering from several illnesses that had claimed him to now being able to sit again with KSE students throughout the archipelago. He advised that when we want something, we must maximize the time we have and be grateful for it.


The next material related to state finances was delivered directly by Mr. Cyril Noerhadi – Supervisory Board of the Indonesia Investments Authority. He conveyed the state's financial position which plays an important role in the progress of a nation. Mr Cyril explained about INA or Indonesia Investments Authority which aims to help realize sustainable development in Indonesia and create prosperity for future generations. He also explained how someone starts to become an investor and how to attract the spread of investment in Indonesia.


This series of National Seminar activities for 2 days closed with material on Product Management by Firdilla Sari - Director of Bank Aladin Syariah & Donor Relations KSE. He conveyed the strategy on how to create a product. In making a product, you must first have a planning strategy which is divided into short term and long term goals. Second, collaboration with vendors. Third, focus on desires and answer user problems. The fourth has a leadership spirit. Apart from that, it also explains how to determine the right story point, how we as product managers can easily adapt and how to be more professional in communicating.


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