PT Indika Energy Tbk is one of the companies engaged in mining and EPC. Today, Indika Energy has grown into one of Indonesia's leading diversified investment companies with a business portfolio spanning energy, logistics and infrastructure, minerals, green businesses and digital ventures.


In order to participate in making the nation's life smarter, especially in the sustainable clean energy sector in the future, PT Indika Energy Tbk provides scholarships to outstanding students spread across several well-known universities in Indonesia, namely 15 students from the Bogor Agricultural Institute, 15 students from Mulawarman University, 15 Palangka Raya University students, and 5 students from the University of Indonesia. This activity symbolizing the opening of the KSE Scholarship with PT Indika Energy Tbk took place on Wednesday, 15 November 2023 at 14.00 – 16.00 WIB online via the Zoom Meeting platform and was attended by around 100 other KSE scholarship recipients from 31 KSE partner PTNs.

The scholarship opening activity, which was guided by Lintang Shafa Mazaya, began with remarks from Tatan A. Taufik as Co-Founder & Supervisory Board of the KSE Foundation. In his speech, Tatan said that several years ago PT Indika Energy Tbk had also provided a scholarship program to KSE. Tatan continued, KSE not only provides regular scholarships, but also coaching scholarships such as seminars, Entrepreneur Academy, Technology for Indonesia, and community empowerment through 4 pillars, namely education, health, environment, and community empowerment.

Then, the event continued with a speech from PT Indika Energy Tbk which also symbolized the opening of the 2023/2024 PT Indika Energy Tbk Scholarship program by Ricky Fernando as Head of CEO Office PT Indika Energy Tbk



The symbolic opening of the scholarship programme was represented by Jeni Rima Puspita from the University of Indonesia who is one of the recipients of the 2023/2024 PT Indika Energy Tbk KSE Scholarship.


Furthermore, Ricky delivered material related to Public Speaking and Career Management to the recipients of the 2023/2024 PT Indika Energy Tbk scholarship. In his presentation, Ricky explained a lot about the company profile, generalist vs specialist, introvert vs extrovert, as well as public speaking and career opportunities at PT Indika Energy Tbk.

The scholarship recipients were very enthusiastic in listening to the presentation of the material until at the end of the session there were various questions to the speaker. These questions came from Zid Irsyadin (UNHAS), Al Maida Nur (UNMUL), Adi Aryanto (IPB), Ade Indah (ITS), Nadavia Zahra (UI), and others. The PT Indika Energy Tbk scholarship recipients asked many questions related to the company's future goals in creating a sustainable clean energy business, stories about their passions, adaptation of the latest technology, and internship and career vacancies at PT Indika Energy Tbk.


Hopefully, the PT Indika Energy Tbk 2023/2024 scholarship programme can encourage and help prepare scholarship recipients to become graduates who have integrity, national insight, love for the homeland, country and nation and have the capacity and competence to become potential leaders in the future.


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