Around 216 students from 31 state universities in Indonesia participated in leadership training at the Military Academy (Akmil) Magelang, Central Java, which took place from Sunday (3/3/2019) to Wednesday (13/3/2019).

They are recipients of scholarships managed by the Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) Foundation consisting of 105 recipients of PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (PTPN III) Scholarships, and 116 recipients of scholarships from Give 2 Asia consisting of 85 Regular students and 31 Students of the KSE Scholarship Recipients Association.

The event was opened by the Governor of the Military Academy, Major General TNI Dudung Abdurachman and witnessed by the Vice Chairman of the KSE Foundation, Ahmad Solihin, and the Head of PKBL PTPN III, Unang Kuswono. After the opening ceremony, the event continued with an Interactive Dialogue "Leadership Sharing Session" with the Governor of the Military Academy, Vice Chairman of KSE and Head of PKBL PTPN III with the theme "Millennials with a National Perspective" accompanied by moderator Christian P. Somali (Treasurer - KSE Foundation).

IMG_4005.JPGFor ten days, the participants received materials covering character development, personal grooming, discipline, national insight and state defence.  Such as: Getting to Know Nusatara Plantation, Leadership Interactive Dialogue, Leadership Theory, Leadership Psychology, National Defence, National Insight, Proxy War, Character Building, Navigation Knowledge, Discussion with Cadets, PBB (Marching Training), Day & Night Compass, How to Fight / Obstacle Course, Survival Knowledge and Practice, Weapons Knowledge, History Museum Orientation, Morning and Night Apples, Bimsuh (Caregiver Guidance), Morning Gymnastics / Sports, Knightly Tradition, Flag Ceremony, Grounding Awareness, Life and Love, Designing Your Life, Communication and Information and Communication Psychology.
Live and Love, Designing Your Life, Communication and Information and Communication Psychology.

"Of course, this will give students a deeper picture of how to spur themselves to become quality leaders," explained Unang Kuswono, Head of PKBL PTPN III.

Major General Dudung Abdurachman, expressed his support for the programme. "We welcome the programme, because in addition to providing scholarships, students are also honed in their leadership skills and love for the country," he said. He feels the programme is also in line with our vision as a Centre of Excellence that can produce professional students who are loved by the people. "We hope that after this training, the participants can be more active in their respective fields for the progress of the nation and state," he said.

Ahmad Solihin said one of the resources that is a great strength for the Indonesian nation is human resources, one of which is students. "We need to give the younger generation more opportunities to develop themselves. This is important, considering that in the next five to ten years they will become productive leaders in building Indonesia," he said.

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