The Coaching Programme held for the Heads and Vice Heads of Associations of 35 KSE partner State Universities (PTN), was held on Sunday, 13 February 2022 through the Zoom Meeting Platform with a total of 70 participants. In this series of coaching will be held 4 times (2 times a month). The purpose of coaching the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Association, among others, is to have a more PD attitude, courage to express ideas, decisive, responsible, and solution-oriented. As well as being able to develop the ability to influence their colleagues in the organisation.


In the first session, Rima Olivia, LCPC as a trainer in the Coaching activity explained about the definition of coaching itself, how or tips to get optiamal benefits from group coaching, and also what qualities must be present in an effective leader, including accountability, active listening, and others. In addition, this session also introduced 10 Coaches who will assist the association during the coaching session, including: Wiwik Erly, PCC, Maria Qibtiyah, ACC, Ihsan Obi, LCPC, Reni Dwi Wahyuni, CEC, Ivandhana, LCPC, Dian Puty Oscarini, LCPC, Brian Marwensdy, LCPC, Dr Maria Eko, LCPC, Sylvina Savitri, LCPC & Dietra Anandani, CPC.

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The coach led the group and started the training session by first making Introductions, after that making Agreements, then explaining Back to coaching and then conveying the principle of confidentiality and inviting coachees to respect each other as well as maintaining confidential conversations in the group. The coachee did not forget to introduce 3 positive things he had and made a Yell by including decisive, solution orientation, courageous. In this Breakout Room session, participants were expected to see the group coaching session as a momentum to 'Discover their best strengths that will be contributed to the Association'. In the last session, a plenary session was held which aims to create an action plan, new habits to prepare strategies so that in the second session it can be more optimal.


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