The Karya Salemba Empat Foundation ("KSE") on 25-27 May 2023 carried out Maggot Cultivation training activities which were attended by 6 universities receiving the Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship together with their target communities, namely KSE UNJ, UI, UIN Jakarta, UNDIP, UNUD, and UNJA . The activity took place in Depok City. This activity began with the arrival of the participants on May 25 2023. The participants headed to the accommodation location which was located at the Fave Hotel, Margonda, Depok.


The next agenda is the implementation of Maggot Cultivation Training which takes place at PT Biomagg Sinergi International, Cimanggis, Depok. The activity opened with an opening by the MC and remarks from KSE representatives. The welcoming speech was represented by Maya Dintasari as Donor Relations. Mrs. Maya expressed the hope that holding this maggot cultivation training could be a bright spot for the implementation of the maggot cultivation program that has been carried out by the KSE scholarship association together with the target community. Next, there was presentation of material about the ins and outs of maggot cultivation by one of the team from PT Biomagg Sinergi International, namely Hadi Kusuma. He explained in detail about what maggots are and how to cultivate them to be successful, one of which also explained the life cycle and food that contains a lot of protein so that it can be food that maggots like.


After the presentation of the material, it was followed by direct practice by students and the community, starting with seeing how the cage infrastructure is good and correct in cultivating maggots, then continued with the practice of taking eggs until the drying process which finally became dry maggots and were ready to be bought and sold. Everything was explained and practiced in detail by PT Biomagg Sinergi International. During the opportunity to present the material or practice directly, many questions arose from the participants, especially questions that arose regarding the cases of each association in implementing this maggot cultivation program.


After training for approximately 7 hours with PT Biomagg Sinergi International, the activity continued with an internal discussion session between participants and facilitators from KSE. This discussion was divided into 2 groups, namely students and the assisted community. For students, it is facilitated by Rico Pnanadista and for the Fostered Community it is facilitated by Maya Dintasari. Both of them discussed their dreams related to this maggot cultivation program, then continued with what obstacles they encountered in implementing the program and then what steps they had taken in the process of achieving success in maggot cultivation. After that, they discussed together what concrete steps they would take after returning from the maggot cultivation training.

The following day, Saturday, May 27 2023, it was followed by a short presentation of the results of discussions between students and the target community regarding concrete plans for the future, for example the timeline for program implementation. Not a few of them have tried to think about processed products that can be produced from maggots, although this cannot be done in the near future because sufficient preparation is still needed.



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