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Jakarta, 10 November 2014 – PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL), one of the donors of the KSE Foundation which is the second largest operator in Indonesia, continues to be committed to actively supporting activities to improve social conditions in Indonesia. This commitment is in line with KSE's vision, namely to participate in making the nation's life smarter so that cooperation can be realized in the "Xmartdonasi" program.

This program is a social fundraising program for the community, especially XL customers, by utilizing SMS and UMB services. The funds collected will then be channeled through the KSE Foundation to help students at 18 state universities in Indonesia. The signing of the collaboration was carried out by the President Director of XL, Hasnul Suhaimi together with the representative of the Karya Salemba Foundation, Ami Tantri in Jakarta, Monday (10/11). Apart from collaborating with KSE, XL also collaborates with 17 other social institutions.



Ami Tantri, who currently serves as KSE Treasurer, said, "The KSE Foundation has been able to dedicate itself for 19 years to advancing education thanks to the care and shared vision of its donors. Thank you to the donors, especially PT XL Axiata Tbk. who in the past 3 years has intensively developed students in the program "XL Future Leader The Scholarship. XL's support for KSE through the Xmart Donation program will open up opportunities for us to facilitate more outstanding students who need educational financial assistance."

To be able to participate in the Xmartdonasi program is very easy. XL customers simply send an SMS by typing KSE then send to number 5000 (credit will be deducted IDR 5000) or send to number 2500 (credit will be deducted IDR 2500), or you can use the UMB menu, type *123*8461# - select the donation menu – select donation category – select institution – enter nominal.

XL has actively organized Donation SMS throughout the year to raise aid funds from customers for various donations and social missions. This year, the SMS Donations that XL has organized include donations for teachers, as well as floods for residents of Menado and Bekasi and a number of other disasters.

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