Bank OCBC NISP in collaboration with Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) once again held the "Young Entrepreneurship Spirit (YES) Competition 2014". Packaged nicely in the form of an entrepreneurship competition, this programme aims to prove the creative and innovative ideas of students, as well as provide solutions to social conditions / problems in society. This competition includes Social and Technology Entrepreneurship (Prototype Implementation). Especially for the Technology Entrepreneurship category, it was only held this year, with the hope of breaking the mindset of technology students to start a business for their product innovation.

Adding value to the "YES Competition 2014" programme this time, at the ceremony to announce the winners of the "YES Competition Award 2014" a talk show was held which will further ignite the interest and enthusiasm of the younger generation in starting a business. Presenting a sweeper who successfully became an entrepreneur with a turnover of billions of rupiah, Tri Sumono shared his successful experience. In this talk show, there was also a sharing session to share tips on how young entrepreneurs can use bank facilities to start their business. This talk show is a form of Bank OCBC NISP's commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit of the young generation and Bank OCBC NISP's concern for entrepreneurial development in Indonesia. 

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The awarding ceremony of the "YES Competition 2014" winners was held at Bank OCBC NISP Tower, Wednesday 27 August 2014 and attended by Director of Bank OCBC NISPRama P. Kusumaputra. The judging was conducted by KSE Foundation representatives and OCBC NISP Bank management representatives. The grand prize went to a team of students from Diponegoro University with their business idea of "Fresh Hands", a hand sanitizer and hand soap made from banana fronds.

During the prize-giving ceremony, RamaP. Kusumaputram expressed his pride in the results achieved by the participants. "In the second year of the YES Competition, we see the development of the participants' business ideas is increasingly diverse. We hope that the creativity of the younger generation will be honed and the innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of the younger generation will increase."

yes2014-1.jpg"YES Competition 2014" was attended by 17 business implementation participants and 16 business proposal papers, with a variety of business ideas ranging from simple to technology-enabled. "YES Competition 2014" not only provides challenges and opportunities for the younger generation to develop their businesses but also provides them with mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and competent practitioners. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Bank OCBC NISP will consistently continue to educate students and the younger generation in line with its mission to grow with the community in a sustainable manner.

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