As a continuation of the coaching programme Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) in collaboration with BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and supported by 11 (eleven) leading investment companies in the country, namely PT Mandiri Investment Management, PT Trimegah Asset Management, PT Samuel Asset Management, PT Danareksa Investment Management, PT Bahana TCW Investment Management, PT Panin Asset Management, PT BNP Paribas Investment Partners, PT Batavia Prosperindo Asset Management, PT Syailendra Capital, PT BNI Asset Management, and PT First State Investment Indonesia. The Leadership Development Programme named "The Ambassador BPJS Ketenagakerjaan" has entered the second stage of the second batch.


This training activity was held for 5 (five) days on 3 - 8 August 2016 at Agrotourism Salatiga, Kopeng, Salatiga, Central Java. It was attended by 145 students from 26 KSE Partner State Universities, namely: IPB, ITB, ITS, UGM, UI, UIN JKT, UNAIR, UNAND, UNCEN, UNDANA, UNDIP, UNHAS, UNILA, UNJ, UNMUL, UNPAD, UNRI, UNSRAT, UNSRI, UNSYIAH, UNTAD, UNTIRTA, UNUD, UPI, UPR and USU. The purpose of this training itself is to prepare participants to improve their quality in accordance with the capacity and professional skills needed by job seekers and prepare participants to become ambassadors who can socialise work programs and the benefits of the existence of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan both in groups and individually.


In addition to the above, the participants were also equipped with national education and love for the country directly from the Deputy Governor of the Magelang Military Academy Brigadier General Wisnoe PB and Lieutenant Colonel George Royke. In addition to the briefing from the Magelang Military Academy, Diponegoro University represented by Vice Rector III of Diponegoro University Budi Setiyono, S.Sos., M.Pol. Admin., Ph.D also briefed the students on Leadership Vision. The discussion was more complete with a briefing delivered by the Director of General and Human Resources of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Naufal Mahfudz who conveyed the values of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan's Faith and Ethics (Excellence, Example, Harmony, Integrity, Care and Enthusiasm).

The event was also attended by representatives of KSE donors from 10 Investment Management companies including PT Mandiri Investment Management by Mauldy R. Makmur, PT Trimegah Asset Management by R. Istiyono Nugroho and Lie Siah, PT Bahana TCW Investment Management Rukmi Proborini and Rony H. Aprianto, PT Samuel Asset Management Intan Syah Ichsan, PT Danareksa Investment Management Anna Hariyan and M. Yulius Hartono, PT Panin Asset Management Rudiyanto and George T. M. Sinaga, PT BNP Paribas Investment Partners Ahmad Solihin, PT Batavia Prosperindo Asset Management Herman Muchamad Heru, PT First State Investment Indonesia Hario Soeprobo and PT BNI Asset Management Hanif Mantiq and Yoga Prakasa.

The briefing on BPJS Ketenagakerjaan starts from the Organisation Profile, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Vision and Mission, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Program Benefits, Case Studies to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Organisation and Career Management. The speakers from BPJS Ketenagakerjaan were Head of Communication Division of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan IndrajidNurmukti, Head of BPU Participant Expansion Affairs Novias Dewo, Head of JKK and JKM Control Affairs Budi Priyono, Senior Manager of Membership Expansion Strategy Analysis Neni Sriwahyuni, AVP Strategic Planning Analysis BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Ebenezer Simanjuntak, Head of Membership Expansion Strategy Analysis and Communication Affairs Rudy Yunarto and Head of Planning and Career Affairs Helmi Ardian Asnawi.


In addition to the speakers mentioned above, speakers who are the management of Karya Salemba Empat also provided briefings including the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Satriadi Indarmawan, Founder Basya G. Himawan and Management Sujarwo Silas. Also attended by KSE Chief Executive Arief Cahyadi Wana. The facilitators of this activity were Hari Subagya, Cahyana Puthut Wijanarka, Guguh Unggul Satriadi and Kukuh Wama from People Develop People.

One of the most important parts of this training activity is the "Positive Giving" session. At this stage, participants were divided into groups and were not given any money, only stickers, pens, and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan brochures. The participants were deployed to the Salatiga city community to help with community activities. The participants did many things, from cleaning the police dormitory yard, monastery, church, mosque, selling goods to helping lift building materials from one of Salatiga's residents. As a result, within 4 hours the funds collected totalled Rp.7,803,100, exceeding the original target of Rp.4 million. The funds were then returned to the community in the form of cleaning equipment and inventory for churches, mosques, monasteries, temples, library reforestation and the repair and painting of the Salatiga Police Dormitory.  The remaining activities will be allocated to create empowerment activities at the next training location. In addition to providing funds back to the community, the participants also conducted BPJS Employment Socialisation with BPJS Employment stickers and brochures, for people who are interested in participating in BPJS Employment membership are required to submit a photocopy of their KTP so that it can be followed up by the BPJS Employment branch office in the nearest city. The total photocopies of ID cards obtained were 2,409 ID cards exceeding the original target of 1,450 ID cards.


It is truly a proud result of collective labour and joint work. Go forth, children of the Nation...Go forth, children of KSE, Go forth Ambassadors... Jaya! Jaya! Jaya!

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