Bank OCBC NISP collaborates with Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) in implementing the bank's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme activities in the form of social and health. So it is not only in the distribution of scholarships to students at State Universities who are also partners of KSE, but also social and health-themed activities.

This time, OCBC NISP Bank held an educational seminar and blood screening themed Know, Prevent, Break Thalassaemia at the Bandung Institute of Technology Campus, Friday (21/11/2014) and FISIP Campus, University of Indonesia, Tuesday (25/11/2014). Represented by Tina Tjintawati - Division Head Corporate Communication Bank OCBC NISP, Arman Nefi - Director of Student Affairs University of Indonesia, Maya Dintasari and Inke Maesaroh - KSE Foundation, as well as with the help of KSE UI Association colleagues and the public.

"Thalassaemia disease education for students, especially in the Jakarta area, as well as the free blood screening programme is a form of OCBC NISP's concern and commitment to reduce new Thalassemia sufferers," said. Tina Tjintawati – Division Head Corporate Communication Bank OCBC NISP.

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The increasing number of Thalassaemia patients every year is the background for Bank OCBC NISP to actively organise this CSR program, Bank OCBC NISP hopes that this activity can break the chain of Thalassaemia disease, one of which is through a free screening program or blood test to find out whether someone carries the thalassaemia gene / trait in their blood.

During the event, there was also a seminar presented by health experts from Prodia clinical laboratory, inviting students to know more about Thalassaemia.

*Thalassaemia is an 'inherited' red blood cell disorder. As a result of the blood disorder, the patient's body cannot form enough haemoglobin in their blood, thus requiring blood transfusions throughout their life.

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