Session II was continued by Mr Andre Tjahjamuljo as Director of PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia, he explained about a career in the Capital Markets. In this session he introduced the ranks of UBSSI staff, they explained about their portfolio until they became part of UBSSI. The event then continued with session III delivered directly by Muhammad Luthfi Permana from BNI Sekuritas. He delivered material related to BNI Securities and BIONS.


Time limitations are not an obstacle for champions to create tools that are useful for farmers and trigger the younger generation to care and be able to get involved in the world of agriculture in Indonesia.

The winners numbered 60 students who received the Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship, who were representatives from all over Indonesia. Apart from the 60 winners, 58 KSE Untirta Scholarship Recipients as hosts also helped prepare various needs and organize the activities.

Apart from discussion activities, provision, equipment preparation and equipment testing, several additional materials were also provided for the Champion Participants and the Committee from KSE Untirta, including:

On February 25, Satriadi Indarmawan as Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation had the opportunity to present the material "Live Love", followed by Motivational Sharing from the Main Director of PT Garuda Indonesia, namely Irfaniaputra.

On February 26, it continued with a face-to-face activity for Scholarship Recipients with the theme "Young Generation Cares about Food Security" with resource persons  Intansyah Ichsan Chief Operating Officer - PT Samuel Asset Management, Adrian Karim Yanuar - Samuel Asset Management Analyst, and Yasmine Nasution - Donor Relations of the KSE Foundation who comes from the scope of economic practitioners and academics. That day was also followed by material from Adrian Karim Yanuar  Investment Analyst & ESG Specialist PT Samuel Asset Management with the theme "Monitoring World Food Prices to prepare you to become an Agribusiness Professional"

It is hoped that these materials will provide provisions for Untirta Champions & KSE to be ready to implement tools and get to know the condition of Indonesian agriculture from upstream to downstream in terms of resources, technical and agricultural macroeconomics.

7.jpg    5.jpg

2.jpg   3.jpg

There are various kinds of technology created by students including; Automatic Rice Planting Equipment, Rice Thresher Machine, Autopilot Tractor, Hydraulic Pump, Automatic Irrigation System and Pest Device, Rice Dryer, Handy Paddy Doctor, Rice Husk Fertilizer, Rice Superior Seed, Liquid Organic Fertilizer, and Pyrolysis. The inauguration of these various technologies was held on Sunday (26/2/2022) at Villa Kaong, Cipocok Jaya District, Serang City.

4.jpg  8.jpg

Also present at this activity were the Mayor of Serang, represented by Alpedi as the Mayor's Expert Staff for Legal and Political Government of the Regional Secretariat, Suherna as Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs at Untirta, Agung Ginanjar Wirapraja as Secretary of the Head of Cipocok Jaya District, Salimah as Head of Cipocok Jaya Village, Babinkamtibnas, and several Scholarship Donors from PT Bursa Efek Indonesia Banten Regional Office, represented by Fadly Fatah as Head of Office and from PT Insight Investmentnet Management, represented by Muhammad Isnaeni Setiawan as CSR Coordinator, this activity was also attended by parties from the Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship Foundation consisting of Hengky Purwowidagdo as Secretary I and Chief Operating Officer, Yasmine Nasution as Donor Relations and several other administrators of the Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship Foundation.

12.jpg   11.jpg

Alpedi, Mayor's Expert Staff for Legal and Political Government of the Regional Secretariat in his speech welcomed this activity. He also expressed his appreciation to the Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship Foundation which facilitates all students to be able to improve students' soft skills, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. He also added his appreciation and hope to all students who will not only receive the benefits of educational assistance but will also be able to fight in efforts to improve the agricultural and entrepreneurship sectors in Indonesia, especially Serang City.


“Agriculture is currently not taught enough to the younger generation. Therefore, there is an idea from the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation which we welcome, this activity is extraordinary because it is useful for many people, hopefully it can create students who master non-technical matters regarding agriculture and in the future all the scholarship recipients will become entrepreneurs in the field. agriculture so that agriculture in Serang and Indonesia can one day be like a good agricultural sector like in Bangkok. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we need to welcome this well so that students master this foundation's program so that they not only get scholarships but can also master the spirit of entrepreneurship. "How do we proceed to produce maximum results that are useful for the wider community," said Alpedi.

Appreciation was also given by Suherna as Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs at Untirta, who in his speech said that the activities carried out by these students were a form of the Tridharma of Higher Education, namely community service. He also added that the agricultural sector is very important in human life and what the Salemba Empat Scholarship Foundation has done is to create harmonization in life by creating technological innovation works that are useful for society.

“This is a work that must be immortalized with community service. This is included in the tridharma of higher education. This research must be implemented with existing technology that is already based on high-class IT. In theory it is easy but we have to see the implementation. All of these implementations are included in implementation in the form of community service. This is a forging process by the Salemba Empat works. So that harmonization occurs in life so that we create extraordinary work. Talking about agriculture, it is very necessary for everyone. Because everyone needs food which is the basic human food. Agriculture is a primary human need. "Therefore, this activity is very good for encouraging the progress of Indonesian agriculture," said Suherna.

14.jpg  13.jpg

It is hoped that all the technology created by students receiving the Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship will be ready to be implemented in Serang City and will be able to help the community in advancing the agricultural sector. It is known from the management of the Salemba Empat Untirta Karya Scholarship Association as the event organizing committee that various types of appropriate technology were created by students in a short time, from 18 to 25 February.

"I'm proud to be part of the TFI 2023 champions. Here I can learn new knowledge and develop myself from various materials and discussion group forums. "Apart from that, I am happy to be able to increase my relations with KSE Nusantara friends, who come from various regions and islands, to be able to exchange cultures and the most important thing is to be able to contribute to appropriate technological innovation, especially in the agricultural sector," said Fatma, who is one of the winners. Technology for Indonesia.

He also added about the function of the Hydram Pump tool that he and his team made, which is useful for pumping water without fuel or electricity. This is a very alternative because this pump only requires river flow with a minimum pressure of 10 psi to be able to move. Apart from providing rice flow, a solution to dry rice fields, and brackish water, this pump is designed to be used as a water source in the fisheries sector, especially freshwater fish farming or simple aquariums at home.

The agricultural sector is one sector that plays an important role in basic human needs. Through this program of activities, it is hoped that this can be the right thing to encourage the progress of Indonesian agriculture.

Tool Description

1.      Superior Rice Seeds


Rice is one of the food crops that is generally consumed by Indonesian people. As society's need for rice availability increases, this condition must be in line with an increase in rice production. Promote the downstreaming of superior rice seeds to the community, especially farmers and students with the hope of introducing knowledge about the availability of superior rice seeds as a solution to help train farming skills in order to gain direct economic benefits and help preserve the environment.

Motivating millennials to equip themselves with skills in implementing farmer businesses, as well as honing creativity in innovating to create agricultural technology. Helping Indonesian farmers increase the production of superior rice varieties while still paying attention to the quality of the soil or the surrounding weather in order to improve welfare and reduce the value of rice imports.


2. Energy-Plastic Pyrolysis


Plastic waste is sorted based on type, namely PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, and others. Plastic waste that has been sorted and separated is then chopped to obtain small sizes. Pyrolysis is carried out by inserting 5-10 kg of chopped plastic into the reactor and then heating it using LPJ gas. The steam produced is channeled to the condenser to be cooled so that a liquid in the form of oil is obtained which will be stored in the product reservoir. The pyrolysis oil produced can be used for cooking using an oil stove or as fuel for a two-stroke lawn mower. For exhaust gas emissions, namely carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, activated carbon can capture these gases so that they do not cause excess air pollution.


3.  Energi - Automatic Rice Planting Tool

tanam padi otomatis.jpg

This automatic rice planting tool is designed to make it easier for farmers to plant rice seeds so that the process becomes faster. The concept of the tool is simple, namely that the driving motor will rotate the arm which will push the rice seeds one by one from the planting table. Users only need to place the rice on the planting table, then adjust the arm length and position as desired. After that, the user simply pushes the machine onto the planting area.

The innovation that will be brought is arm length customization for rice planters. Then set the motor speed (speed controller) which will help rotate the arm. With a concept like this, the tool can be more effective than pushed rice planting equipment, the price can also be reduced so it is more affordable.

4.  Energy – Hydram Pump


The Hydraulic Ram Pump (hydram) is an innovation in engineering that has been discovered for a long time, almost 200 years, but there are still many people who do not understand this tool. A hydram pump is a pump that does not require external energy sources such as electricity and fuel. This pump applies physics principles, namely the Law of Conservation of Energy and the Bernoulli Fluid Equation. With these physical equations and phenomena, this pump utilizes the pressure accumulated due to the Water Hammer effect in the pump pipeline. This tool is suitable for use at minimal cost, can be adjusted to production capacity and needs, and is used in areas that experience water shortages, as well as dry season conditions (drought). This technology utilizes the water hammer effect that exists in water flow. This tool provides energy that can be used to move a certain amount of water to a certain distance and height that can be adjusted.


5. Post-Harvest - Paddy Dryer


The rice dryer will be made with a box dryer model. Box  dryer is the simplest type of static tub dryer with a stir bar. This type of dryer will produce better quality rice than rice dried in the sun if operated at optimum conditions. Result  Cleaner drying of grain, drying rice grain effectively & efficiently (compact size + stirring rod) and drying temperature can be adjusted.


6. Post-Harvest - Rice Threshing


The rice threshing machine that we make comes with innovative simplicity or simplified technology in its manufacture. The rice thresher machine comes with a simple design made from aluminum plate as the main body of the machine as well as supporting the dynamo and engine gear cylinder. The presence of a simple system in machine design will be easily made by anyone, even the designs we make can be made on a miniature scale using cardboard and other simple tools.

This machine is made with tools and materials that are easy to find locally. With minimal funds, farmers can make their own machine without having to buy it at an expensive price. This machine works with a complex system so that everyone can easily understand how the machine works. Using a dynamo and a simple gear cylinder, the rice will easily come off. The time required is also quite small to thresh rice from the harvest of 1 plot of rice land. The machine can be used using a farmer's motorbike for rice fields.


7.  Maintenance – Handy Paddy Doctor


Handy Paddy Doctor is an Android application based on artificial intelligence to detect diseases in rice plants. This tool is designed to detect the normal condition of rice and the 9 most common rice plant diseases that have had a major impact on crop failure to date, these 9 rice plant diseases are Bacterial Leaf Blight, Bacterial leaf Streak, Bacterial Panicle Blight, Blast, Brown Spot , Dead Heart, Downy Mildew, Hispa, and Tungro.

The artificial intelligence system will be integrated with an Android application which is quite common and easy for farmers to access considering that the use of Android has spread to all groups, including farmers. It is hoped that this innovation will make it easier for young farmers to check rice plants so that the number of crop failures can be minimized and there will be an increase in rice agricultural yields in Indonesia.


8. Maintenance – Coconut Fiber Liquid Organic Fertilizer


Being a region that has extensive beaches, makes Indonesia one of the regions that has high coconut production. Many people's need for coconuts causes organic waste from coconut shells to pile up. Coconut shells contain 10.25% potassium, so they can be an alternative source of organic potassium to replace KCl fertilizer. Farmers always need plant fertilizer to improve soil structure and increase crop production. If chemical fertilizers are applied too often it will have an impact on the soil structure and soil water content.

It is necessary to develop a back to nature agricultural system to protect the environment but can meet the needs of society. For this reason, POC from coconut fiber is a form of innovation as well as a business that is worthy of development. The POC applied is intended for rice (rice fields). Creating POC using sprinkle technology, an automatic plant sprinkler. Use of artificial intelligence systems such as Arguino and so on for implementation in rice fields.



9. Maintenance – Rice Husk Liquid Organic Fertilizer


Fermented Rice Husk Fertilizer with the additional ingredients of Banana Peel and Peel using EM4 is an innovation in Liquid Organic Fertilizer with the by-product of rice husk growing media. Fermented rice husk fertilizer with banana tubers and peels has antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant properties which are good for plants and can increase the NPK value of the soil.

Rice husks, tubers and banana peels will be fermented for approximately 10 to 14 days to increase the value of metabolites and enzymes. Then, the fermented liquid can be used as POC and the remaining fermented solid material can be used as a planting medium because rice husks themselves have a high silica value which is good for plants.


10. Maintenance – Irrigation Systems


Ease of managing the rice field environment, especially the existing irrigation. Improved quality of life due to adequate and well-nourished food.

The tool consists of three main systems

·        The main control system connected to the tank and solar panels is used to regulate incoming and outgoing water according to rice field water level detector data.

·        The rice water detector system is used to determine the water level and its suitability to the water needs of the rice plants so that the data obtained can be used to determine the decrease in water from the tank in the main control system.

·        The pest catcher system uses UV light which will turn on at night based on LDR light sensor detection.


11. Tillage – Tractor Autopilot


This Autopilot tractor can carry out land processing missions more efficiently and reduce the costs of cultivating rice fields. The hope of making this tool is that the land processing system can be simpler and more efficient both in terms of expenditure and time efficiency. This tractor design innovation uses a tractor with the help of an auto pilot system which will use flight control as a controller for completing the mission of cultivating rice fields. When completing the mission, GPS will be used to determine mission coordinates. This tractor will also have an autopilot system and CBWA (control by wire). Device specifications: Tractor Engine, diesel, 20 kg servo motor, Gps/gnss, Flight controller, Metal box, Radio controller, Telemetry, Cable sling, Camera FPF and monitor, Filament, etc. Batteries bec li ion 3s 3p.

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