After attending Indofood Leadership Camp I-II BISMA Batch 7 training, hundreds of Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) scholarship recipients who entered the BISMA (Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. Scholarship) program, were re-selected to take part in BISMA Leadership Camp 3. 79 students from 13 universities were selected. namely UI, UNJ, IPB, UNPAD, UGM, UNDIP, ITS, UNAND, USU, UNMUL, UNUD and UNDANA who were selected based on their activeness, discipline and leadership talents.


The opening ceremony for the selected participants was included in the continuation of the series of Indofood Leadeship Camp III BISMA Batch 7 at the Indofood Education and Training Center, Cibodas - Cianjur on 15-20 April 2015. Upon arrival of participants at the training location, participant conditioning and health checks are carried out by the Officer team. Next, Eri Pramono as General Manager Corp. Human Resources PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, officially opened the Indofood Leadership Camp III by striking the Gong.

Indofood Leadership Camp III is indeed somewhat different from previous Indofood Leadership concepts. Nowadays, full targeted training can form a stronger leadership spirit. In accordance with these expectations, this training is supported by bringing in various trainers and combined materials that support leadership formation, especially in a more professional direction. Several trainers with various backgrounds were deliberately brought in, including People Developing People (PDP), practitioners from Indofood, Karya Salemba Empat Foundation and assistance from officers (BISMA graduates). Indofood even took part in bringing in the managerial team and HRD to share and provide professional management training for a company. The KSE Foundation also shared motivation from its administrators and founders. Here's the explanation:


PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk managerial team. trying to introduce corporate managerial insight. It is hoped that participants will be able to form managerial thinking patterns and prepare the managerial insights and techniques needed to become company leaders. Mr. Luis (Food Sari Division), Mr. Hudi (Palm Palm Division – PT.Salim Ivomas Pratama), and Mr. Joni, Mrs. Farika and Mrs. Yanti (Human Resources) clearly divided into several sessions, introduced and described the Operational Management of PT Indofood Sukses. Prosperous based on their respective divisions. Apart from that, don't forget to also explain the history of Indofood's development and success by Eri Pramoni (Head of CSR Corp. Communication PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk). Mrs. Dwi S. Irianingsing also had the opportunity to provide knowledge about "Nutritional Literacy" as basic knowledge for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

sehat dengan makanan yang tepat.


Next, is to create a leader character who has a professional spirit and positive thinking. The leadership formation points that have been obtained previously are aligned and explained professionally by the People Develop People (PDP) team. Hari Subagya and Cahyana Puthut Wijanarka, PDP retainers, explained the importance of professional development for a successful leader. Various materials were provided such as "Breaking the Barrier Change", Change to Success, Success to Change, Building Self Confidence and Presentation Skills, FGD and Interview Technique, Project Analysis and Planning.

Apart from indoor activities, Guguh Unggul, Kukuh W, and other PDP teams, held outbound activities which really challenged creativity and solid teamwork. Another training activity created by PDP is Social Activity and Positive Fighter. The concept applied this time is; The participants were challenged to carry out an FGD entitled Technology and Social Entrepreneurship which could be applied in the community around the training. The results of the FGD, namely Integrated Waste Management (PESADU), Verticulture, Hydroponic, Water Treatment, Catfish Cultivation, and Cibodas Mini Cemara and social activities regarding waste education are targets for making positive fighters for the future.

In Positive Fighter, participants are required to learn to survive without relying on any facilities (cellphones and money). Participants are only provided with an identity card to complete the targets given by the mentors. From the results of this Positive Fighter, an extraordinary archive can produce 2x the initial target of getting Rp. 9,348,500,-. The results of Positive Fighter were applied to social activities, namely Technology and Social Entrepreneurship, the results of the previous day's FGD.

With these activities, it is hoped that we can create professional leaders who are able to think creatively and think positively. Apart from that, this activity can give them the motivation to succeed with the awareness of serving the community in planning for the future.


Sharing experiences and mutual sharing of successes were also carried out by the founders and administrators of the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation. Armed with sharing Success & Caring about the Future of Indonesian Education (KSE), Satriadi Indarmawan as KSE Supervisor provided motivation and enthusiasm to achieve their success. He also invited the participants to work together to spread the seeds of the virus of goodness, namely the virus that makes the nation's life smarter. Apart from that, Hengky Poerwowidagdo as Chief Operating Officer of KSE explained about KSE Scholarship Management and the importance of sharing and networking to achieve success.

Positive Results Fighter Fellow participants not only delivered appropriate Technology and Social Entrepreneurship to the people of Cibodas, but also delivered the closing of Indofood Leadership Camp III Batch 7 at the Cipanas Presidential Palace.

The activity closed solemnly by singing the songs BISMA and Indonesia Raya as well as a presentation on the Indofood Leadership Camp III trip by selected participants. Don't forget the speeches from Mr. Deni Puspahadi as Head of CSR Corp. Communication Indofood and Hengky Poerwowidagdo as Chief Operating Officer of KSE, as well as remarks and presentations regarding protocols from Mr. Darsono, S.H,M. MPub as Head of the Presidential Palace - Cipanas.

The handing over of appreciation certificates to participants accompanied by the reading of the Participants' Commitments marked the official closing of the Indofood Leadership Camp III Batch 7 activities.

"The great hope contained is the desire to see these young leaders be successful and advance the nation and state. Keep up the enthusiasm and... see you again at Indofood Leadership Camp IV...".