Financial literacy and public speaking activities with PT Mandiri Sekuritas took place on Friday, 17 November 2023 at The Loft Mandiri Sekuritas, Jakarta. The event was attended by around 50 KSE scholarship recipients from the University of Indonesia, Bogor Agricultural University, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, Jakarta State University, and Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University Banten who attended in person and around 100 KSE scholarship recipients who attended online. At 09.00 WIB, the event began with remarks from Mrs Ami Tantri as the Executive Treasurer of the KSE Foundation.


Furthermore, Mrs Nadya Siregar as Head of Corporate Secretary and Communications of PT Mandiri Sekuritas delivered material related to public speaking in front of the KSE Scholarship recipients. Mrs Nadya herself has been involved in the world of communication for decades, so the material she delivered was her speciality. In her presentation, Ibu Nadya conveyed that public speaking is an action, action, or skill of speaking effectively by involving a large group of people (audience). Public speaking aims to convey information, provide motivation, influence the audience, control the situation, and also entertain. Furthermore, Mrs Nadya explained the importance of fulfilling the 4Ps when doing public speaking, namely planning, preparing, practising, and presenting. After that, there was a question and answer session and public speaking practice by the KSE Scholarship recipients who attended.

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Then, the event continued with a financial literacy session by Mr Norman Yudha Aditya Andreswara as Relations Officer of PT Mandiri Sekuritas. He explained many things related to how to manage finances well from a young age to stocks and bonds. The scholarship recipients were very enthusiastic in listening to the presentation of the material until at the end of the session there were various questions to the presenters.

Hopefully, this financial literacy and public speaking session can encourage and help prepare scholarship recipients to become graduates who have integrity, national insight, love for the homeland, country and nation and have the capacity and competence to become potential leaders in the future through good financial literacy.

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