Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat ("KSE") together with one of its donors, PT Insight Investments Management, held a "Face-to-Face Meeting for Scholarship Recipients & Financial Literacy" for KSE scholarship recipients from 35 KSE partner universities online on Wednesday, 13 December 2023 at 14.00 to 17.00 WIB. The event, which was hosted by Lintang Shafa Mazaya as a KSE scholarship recipient from the University of Indonesia, began with remarks from the Management of the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation, Rani Sofjan as KSE Donor Relations. In her speech, Rani Sofjan thanked PT Insight Investments Management for being a KSE Scholarship donor for 8 years since 2015 until now. In her speech, Rani Sofjan also explained a flashback about the KSE scholarship and what programmes have been supported by PT Insight Investment Management.



The next speech was delivered by PT Insight Investment Management which on this occasion was represented by Muhammad Isnaeni Setiawan CSR Coordinator - PT Insight Investments Management.

Furthermore, the event continued with the reading of the Achievements of PT Insight Investments Management Scholarship Recipients and the Symbolisation of the IIM Scholarship Program. About 5 students who received the KSE Scholarship from PT Insight Investments Management showed their best achievements and were very proud in various academic and non-academic activities.


After that, the event continued with a material presentation session moderated by Putri Yuniar from the KSE Scholarship Alumni of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. The first material session was delivered by Muhammad Isnaeni Setiawan as CSR Coordinator of PT Insight Investments Management who presented material related to Company Profile & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme of PT Insight Investments Management. In his presentation, Muhammad Isnaeni discussed the importance of CSR in every company, the legal basis for implementing CSR, sustainable business and development, creating shared value (CSV), and CSR activities at PT Insight Investments Management.


After the presentation of the first interesting session, there were enthusiastic questions from the KSE Scholarship recipients, namely Ikhwanurrohiim from UNDIP and Luthfi Arief from UPI. Ikhwanurrohiim asked the speaker about the distribution of investment for CSR and Luthfi Arief asked about the regulation of the amount of CSR funds in the legislation.


No less interesting than the first material session, Financial Literacy material was also presented in the second material session. This Financial Literacy Material Session was presented by Andarsari Shifa Riani as Head of Customer Service & Consumer Protection Department PT. Insight Investments Management. In his presentation, Andarsari discussed a lot about good financial management for students, financial asset allocation, how to identify fraudulent investments, types of mutual funds, the benefits and risks of mutual funds, as well as the 5 stages of investing in mutual funds for beginner investors.

Then, the enthusiasm of the KSE Scholarship recipients who took part in this second material session was also shown by the many questions asked. These questions were asked by Umi Tsalsa (UNSRI), Rajunaini (UNRI), Fitri (UB), and Maycela (UNHAS). The recipients of the KSE Scholarship asked a lot about how to invest for students and the financial conditions of students in general.



Hopefully, the PT Insight Investments Management Scholarship Recipient & Financial Literacy Face-to-Face event can encourage and prepare scholarship recipients to become graduates who have integrity, national insight, love for the country, country and nation and have the capacity and competence to become potential leaders in the future, and have knowledge related to financial management and investment properly.



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