Medan, 22 September 2023, a series of face-to-face activities for Scholarship recipients was held with the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation (KSE) and PT BRI Investment Management (BRI-MI). Face to Face about FINANCIAL LITERACY, Mikie Hall, Anwar Karim Building, Faculty of FEB, University of North Sumatra. Before the event started, together we sang the song Indonesia Raya, then continued with remarks from the Chancellor of USU, BRI MI, and KSE.


After giving a speech, the event continued with a presentation of the internal and external activities of the KSE USU, UNIMED and UINSU associations delivered by representatives of the associations. And continued with a Financial Literacy session delivered by Bagus Setyawan - Associate Director, Retail and Digital Distribution PT BRI Manajemen Investasi.


On the following day, Saturday, September 23 2023 at the Anwar Karim Building, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of North Sumatra (USU), the event was attended by 150 Medan Raya students consisting of USU, UINSU, and UNIMED. The first material on the second day, the Seminar Mental Health by Mr. Effendi Ibnoe, MBA., Psychologist. He explained about Mental Health to become a Positive Person.


It is important to understand perceptions of mental health and well-being. Generally divided into Material wellbeing, Social wellbeing, Security wellbeing, Physical, mental and moral/spiritual wellbeing.

The Happiness Dashboard is a dashboard that has been designed to provide users with a brief overview of their overall state of happiness and well-being. The happiness dashboard is divided into 7 aspects:

•  Level of Energy

•  The Ladder of life

•  Domain Satisfaction

•  Emotions reservoir

•  Stress Counter

•  Time Balance

•  Eudamonic well-being

In the next session, the event was continued by KSE Alumni, the event was hosted directly by Wiwid Syahdiyah Sugiarti. They explained material about Career Coaching, how to make a good CV and tips when conducting interviews. Not only did they provide material, they also immediately practiced conducting interviews with KSE alumni.


On the third day, September 23 2023 at Grand Central North Sumatra, Medan city, 150 students from USU, UINSU and UNIMED attended. On this occasion, Tatan Achmad Taufik as Co-Founder & Supervisory Board of KSE provided material about KSE Value and Organization. He told about the beginning of the formation of KSE. Starting from providing scholarships to 3 FE UI students with scholarships amounting to 100,000, until today KSE has provided scholarships to 1,800 students from 35 KSE partner PTNs.


In the afternoon the event continued with an interactive talk show by Irfaniaputra as President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia. He explained about Leadership Inspiration. He also talked about his leadership activities at Garuda Indonesia and described the restructuring process and the importance of implementing leadership values.



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