On Saturday, 28 May 2022, Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat in collaboration with PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia held an Employee Engagement event located at Wantilan, Renon Village, Bali. The event was attended by the Head of Renon Village, Renon PKK ladies and local residents.


The event began at 09.00-09.20 which began with welcoming 13 representatives from PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia, continued by the MC by reading prayers and singing Indonesia Raya songs. Then remarks from Mr I Gede Suweca, S.Sn., M.Pd as Head of Renon Village, Mr Kenny Soejatman as Secretary II of Karya Salemba Empat Foundation, and Mr Joshua Tanja as Managing Director and Country Head of PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia.

The next event at 09.20-09.35 WITA was the making of canang sari. The residents introduced Balinese culture to PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia by teaching how to make canang sari which is one of the means of offering for Hindus. Then at 09.35-10.15 WITA continued with the practice of making soap-wax, at 10.15-10.45 WITA was filled with material presentation about the Maggot business that runs in Renon Village and at 10.45-11.45 WITA an FGD session was held which contained material about Branding, Marketing, and Website Publication.


Furthermore, at 10.45-12.00 WITA the closing of the event was closed by the MC by reading prayers and giving souvenirs and photos together. With this event, it is hoped that the friendship between Karya Salemba Empat Foundation and its recipients and donors can continue to be established.

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