Around 100 students from 7 state universities in eastern Indonesia, namely Udayana University (UNUD), Nusa Cendana University (UNDANA), Hasanuddin University (UNHAS), Tadulako University (UNTAD), Sam Ratulangi University (UNSRAT), Pattimura University (UNPATTI) , and Cenderawasih University (UNCEN) took part in the leadership training "East Indonesia Samuel Leadership Camp" at the Center for Early Childhood Education and Community Development in South Sulawesi, Makassar - South Sulawesi. The event was opened by the President Director of PT Samuel Asset Management (SAM), Agus B. Yanuar and the Treasurer of the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation (KSE), Ami Tantri.


In 2019, SAM continued its commitment to contributing to society through various sustainable corporate social responsibility programs. SAM provides scholarships to school level to state university students through the SAM Scholarship Program. This scholarship is awarded against a background of good academic and non-academic achievements and due to economic limitations.

With this activity, it is hoped that it can strengthen the bond between students and PT. Samuel Asset Management. Apart from that, it can improve students' soft skills / insight regarding the importance of instilling a spirit of leadership and national insight in students, the importance of continuing to foster a spirit of sharing networking developing in facing the progress of the Indonesian economy, increasing students' insight into the financial services industry as well as career opportunities in the financial industry, broadening their knowledge. students about the importance of managing personal finances, as well as increasing students' insight into communicating well and effectively.

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