The Salemba Empat Karya Foundation Coaching activity this time targeted the scholarship recipients of Gadjah Mada University - Yogyakarta. The activities were held for 3 days from March 15-17, 2023 in Yogyakarta, as follows:

1.     Coaching

2.     Focus Group Discussion

3.     Monitoring



A total of 36 KSE UGM scholarship recipients were present at Kolektif Kafe, Yogyakarta to take part in coaching that focuses on Personal and Community issues.

On the first day, coaching was conducted with a personal theme. This coaching specifically discussed the problems that exist in themselves. Then, they were asked to pair up to find solutions to their respective problems and they were asked to present the results of the discussion.


On the second day, this coaching has discussed more things related to the Association, in this coaching discussed what their expectations are for the association and what programs they want to be carried out by the KSE UGM association. Then, they were made into groups according to each division, namely: Comdev Division, Association Activities Division, Marketing Division and Bimbel Division. They were asked to present the results of the discussion with their respective groups. From the results of the presentation, it was found that the program that will run is:


1.     Divisi Comdev

·       Cookies Jahe Merah

·       Nugget Kelor

·       Yakkum Caffe Difabel

·       Batik Ecoprint

2.     Divisi Kegiatan Paguyuban

·       Bon Cabe (Bonding Care Bersama)

·       Together With You

·       Keker (KSE Bukber)

·       Makrab

·       ETT (Evaluasi Tengah Tahun)

·       EAT (Evaluasi Akhir Tahun)

3.     Divisi Marketing

·       Cookies Jahe bundling dengan bunga

·       Sistem penjualan PO untuk Nugget Kelor dan Cookies Jahe

·       Cookies Jahe dijual bersama Ginger Latte

4.     Divisi Bimbel

·       Bimbel Bee ​​

The third day was to test Red Ginger Cookies and Moringa Nuggets. This trial was conducted at the UGM Secretariat. After that, monitoring was carried out to Cupable Coffee.




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