Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat together with Paguyuban KSE BARAYA conducted Coaching with the FGD (Focus Group Discussion) method which was held in Bandung. This coaching was conducted for 3 days on 21 - 23 November 2023. This activity was attended by 30 KSE ITB students, 41 KSE UNPAD students and 42 KSE UPI students.


This activity was opened with a presentation by Mr Hengky Poerwowidagdo on "KSE Socialisation". In which he explained about the Vision - Mission of KSE and the Founders of KSE. After that, Mr Hengky gave a presentation on the "KSE Roadmap". There are 5 KSE Roadmaps, namely: Expectation, Exploration, Experience, Example and Expertise. Several KSE programmes (Main & Additional Programmes) were also explained. Furthermore, participants were given the material "Circular Economy" which discussed the concept of Circular Economy.

The first coaching session began by discussing the dreams of the Beswan KSE BARAYA participants, what they had done and what obstacles they faced in achieving their dreams. Then, each participant was asked to share their dreams, including how much income they want. Then, the participants were asked to tell the things they have done including the obstacles they have faced. And the participants were paired up to share their problems and find solutions.

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In the second session, they were asked to share their hopes for the KSE BARAYA Association in the future. What things they have done for the Association and the obstacles faced after that are made into groups. After that, they were asked to make a presentation regarding the programme that KSE BARAYA Association will do.

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