In order to accommodate the younger generation to face the challenges of an increasingly dynamic world of work, the Karya Salemba Empat Foundation together with Deutsche Bank held a virtual Career Coaching through the Zoom Meeting Application on Wednesday 29 November 2023. The activity, which carried the theme "Ace Your Job Search", involved 170 active students who received KSE scholarships spread across 35 universities throughout Indonesia. The main mission behind this career coaching is to provide insights, skills, and the best strategies in welcoming future career challenges.


Feliza Elizabeth, as Donor Relations of Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat, said, "We are grateful and proud to be able to accompany the journey of KSE scholarship recipients. The presence of the career coaching agenda with Deutsche Bank this time is proof that the KSE scholarship is not only limited to the distribution of educational funding assistance but also accompanied by various useful self-development activities including career coaching, which in this case is expected that participants can be well-prepared to face the competitive world of work with experts from Deutsche Bank of course."


The session continued with material presented by Christian Leonardo and Muhammad Dihan Ramadhan Pradana as experienced Graduate Analysts from Deutsche Bank. On this occasion, the speakers thoroughly discussed the flow of the job search process, effective resume tips & tricks to procedures for dealing with HR and User interviews. In addition, in-depth insights into the dynamics of the current world of work were also presented and provided practical tips that could be directly applied by students.


Interactive discussions with panellists were also presented in this career coaching agenda. In addition to the panelists, there were also three Deutsche Bank analysts, Michael Chandra, Peter Leonardo, and Metta Kohar, who also facilitated and answered various questions asked by the participants. The questions came from Natasha Maturbong (UNCEN), Muhammad Rizky Kiat (UNPATTI), M. Akbar Prasetyo (UNJ), Naila Bidayah (UINJKT), Septianindi (UNTAD), and Fahmi Al-Ikhsan (UNRI).


The career coaching agenda gave a positive impression among the participants. "The event was very useful and helped me as a final year student who is confused about what to do after graduation," said Aina Sabilla, one of the participants who is also a KSE scholarship recipient from Padjadjaran University. With the success of this event, it is hoped that the partnership between Deutsche Bank and Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat can continue to make positive contributions and become tangible evidence of joint efforts in helping to build the future of Indonesia's young generation.

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