Karya Salemba Empat Foundation together with the KSE UNDIP & UNS Association conducted Coaching using the FGD (Focus Group Discussion) method which was carried out at Kane Resto - Semarang and Caffe Bento - Solo. This coaching is carried out for 2 days and 1 day from 7 - 13 March 2023 for Production. This activity was attended by 81 UNDIP students and 39 UNS students.


The first coaching, discussing the dreams of the KSE UNDIP & UNS Student Scholarship participants, what they have done and what obstacles they have faced in achieving their dreams. Then, each participant was asked to tell their dreams, including how much income they wanted. Then, the participants were asked to tell about the things they had done, including the obstacles they faced. And the participants are made into pairs to talk about their problems and find solutions.

In the second coaching, they were asked to share their hopes regarding the KSE UNDIP & UNS Association in the future. What things have they done for the Paguyuban and the obstacles they have faced after that a group was created. After that, they were asked to make a presentation regarding the program that the KSE UNDIP & UNS Association would carry out.


The results of the group discussion concluded that the Comdev KSE UNDIP & UNS program, namely:

-        UNDIP

1.     Divisi Comdev

·       Bank Sampah

·       Stik Sayur

·       Nugget Lele

·       Nugget Jamur

·       Urban Farming

·       Rumah Jamur

·       Maggot

·       Lele


2.     Divisi Kegiatan Paguyuban

·       Makrab

·       Lomba HUT RI “KSE Merdeka”


3.     Divisi Marketing

·       Setiap beswan wajib menjual 1 produk comdev

·       Penjulan melalui online dan offline

-        UNS

1.     Divisi Comdev

·       Nugget Kelor

·       Nugget Lele

Akan bekerja sama dengan Badan Usaha Milik Desa untuk penanaman kelor

2.     Divisi Kegiatan Paguyuban

·       Bukber

·       Jalan- jalan ke Pantai

·       Visit panti

·       KSE Competition

3.     Divisi Teknologi

·       Mesin Stik Kelor Otomatis

·       Mesin Pasteurisasi Susu Otomatis

4.     Divisi Bimbel

·      Online Essay Competition for Students

5.     Divisi Marketing

·   Tutoring is promoted through "Goes To School"

·    Comdev products are promoted online and offline

Last day of Moringa Stick Production with Colomadu residents which was previously carried out by PO



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