Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) held an event "Night of Appreciation for ITB Student Affairs Partners 2023", this event is an awarding of appreciation and appreciation to ITB partners who have contributed to ITB student activities, especially in ITB graduate recruitment activities, competitions and student achievement events, scholarships and student character development.

The 2023 Ditmawa ITB Partner Appreciation Night was held on Friday 8 December 2023 at 19.00 - 21.00 WIB at the East Hall of the Bandung Institute of Technology.


The event began with singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and continued with remarks by the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Jaka Sembiring, M.Eng. In his remarks, he said that after Covid-19 subsided until December 2023 at ITB there were 5 thousand student activities, this was a very encouraging thing for ITB. And what is more encouraging and heartwarming is that 2/3 of the 5 thousand activities are carried out with ITB student partners.


Currently, 7,000 or 39% of undergraduate students receive scholarships from ITB's student partners, either in the form of merit scholarships, economic scholarships, local government scholarships, non-government scholarships, and so on. There are many other activities related to character building that receive assistance and attention from ITB student partners. Where character building will be an important capital in facing the challenges of life and world changes that are so fast because they will live side by side with machines, control machines and are expected not to be controlled by machines.

The event also featured video testimonials of appreciation from scholarship recipients and achievements made by ITB students. Another student said that the scholarship he received increased his motivation to study and work.

The event then continued with the presentation of Plaques and Certificates of Appreciation from the Directorate of Student Affairs ITB to the partners. The plaque and certificate were handed over by the Head of Scholarship Sub-Directorate Nenden Rina Ratnakomala, S.T., M.T. to KSE, represented by Wing Sjahendra - Database & Programme Officer of Karya Salemba Empat Foundation.


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